Sauver les gens en parcourant le pays en vélo

RideToFreedom regretfully announces that its planned 2016 Tour Across Europe has had to be cancelled due to concerns for the safety of the young riders.

Many of the countries through which RideToFreedom intended to travel this summer are experiencing increasing amounts of political and social unrest and instability.

When planning for the 2016 tour began in 2015 Europe was much more peaceful. In the intervening year the situation has grown increasingly tense and volatile.

The vote on the Brexit in the U.K., riots at sporting events, the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, and anger directed at refugees and foreigners in general in many countries have created an unstable environment which make it difficult to ensure that RideToFreedom’s team of young international riders could have a safe and successful ride.

RideToFreedom is still working to rescue the children orphaned by the Chinese’ regime’s persecution of spiritual practices, and is planning other events to keep the orphans’ plight in the popular media while also planning next year’s ride.

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