Although the trip is not over, our own team ride officially ended today. (We still have our last 10 miles tomorrow with everyone else, though!) So, we started off the day by reading an entire lecture of Zhuan Falun, and then did an hour of meditational exercise. We ate some pizza (healthy, we know) and left. Our first team that we took was a group of new riders. Then, in the afternoon, we switched in a more advanced group to ride alongside another group of new riders. It was difficult, but we did it! Teamwork is key. We biked straight into the Comfort Inn, and after everyone was settled in, the team went out for a dinner at a Japanese Seafood Buffet: Sakura. After dinner, we visited a large group of practitioners in D.C. We had a great talk with them, and gained their support for our upcoming events in D.C. Tomorrow is a big day!


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