Our day was filled with many memorable activities. A few days ago, we were invited by Representative Flowers to go to her event, Rainbow P.U.S.H. There, we enjoyed listening to the choir sing and meet with Reverend Jesse Jackson on live television! Unfortunately and fortunately, we had to leave early to attend another event, the 4th of July Parade. While we were waiting and getting ready for our turn in the parade, our two Coordinators, Kristine and Arian went up the street and returned with a few dozen cheeseburgers, fries, and a receipt about a mile long. We ate and then split ourselves up into groups: the ones walking in the parade, and the ones on the side who would walk and pass out flyers. Little did the second group know, their job was harder then it sounded. Every time they finished talking with someone, they would have to sprint back up to catch up with their portion with the parade, only to lag behind again as another person asked about our project. The funny part is, when they did start talking to the people, they would be all out of breath and tired. However, our parade ended successfully, with multiple selfies and the support of many. The team drove to a house afterwards, owned by a family that practices Falun Gong. We appreciated the good Chinese food they offered to us and all crowded in around the couch and projector to watch our daily video updates on YouTube. Everyone reminisced happily, laughing over funny pictures and remembering all the good times from the last month. Time flew! Of course, all good things must come to an end. A few team members then headed off to another event which we were also invited to, Representative Ford’s block party. We met with his family and neighbours, and of course, in honor of the Fourth of July, played with sparklers and set off fireworks! July 4th was definitely a day to remember.


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