Today we were trying to get 100 miles in. When we left the campground, we had two flat tires on Faith, our bus. We went to Walmart immediately to try and fix this problem. At Walmart, we found out we had more than two flat tires, and that it would take a couple of hours to replace them. So, the bus stayed behind to get fixed, and the rest of the team went to still try and get in as many miles as possible. When the riders and the bus met up a few hours later, we stopped in a town called Flushing to eat lunch by the road. Then, we were invited to an American history museum up the street! There, we learned a lot about the history of slavery. We heard many interesting stories, and then got a chance to share ours. Afterwards, we rode out of town into very deep slopes that were difficult to ride over. The ride was hard, and soon everyone went ahead to start settling in at a Motel 6. One last bike team (B1-Kristine [U.S.A], Jasmina [Peru], Sara [Argentina]) was left with their shift to wrap up the day. However, as they were getting ready to go, it started raining heavily! The girls rode until the rain got to be too dangerous. Then, they also went ahead to the motel to meet with the rest of the team for dinner. 🙂


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