Dear Ride 2 Freedom Team,

I wish my schedule would have permitted me to meet with you during your stop in Salt Lake. Please accept my sincere admiration and support for the cause that you have so nobly undertaken.

The history and culture of Utah has infused in our consciousness a strong and resolute commitment to the cause of spiritual and religious freedom. That cause motivated the early pioneers of Utah to overcome enormous obstacles in the hope that they would be able to practice their religion without persecution. Over two hundred years earlier, it was the same goal that drove hundreds to land at Plymouth Rock and face adversity in what was then a wild and foreign land.

Now, you are showing your dedication for the cause of spiritual freedom by bravely facing a long and arduous journey and I commend you for it. As young people, it is awe-inspiring that you are sacrificing your time in support of millions in China who face imprisonment, torture, and even death simply for following the dictates of their hearts in peaceful practice of their religion.

The United States and the people of Utah stand against any government policy that infringes on a person’s right to practice their beliefs and live their lives free from fear and oppression.

Thank you for your devotion to religious freedom. I hope that you have enjoyed the scenery in our beautiful state and I wish you a safe and peaceful journey through our blessed country.

Todd Weiler
June 4, 2015