If you were to look outside of your window of the Motel 6 this morning, you would see around 15 kids, standing one after another, all around the second floor balcony outside of their rooms, starting the day with standing meditation exercises. Afterwards, this group of kids would head out to another one of their many press conferences. By this time, they have had a lot of experience, and can conduct these conferences very smoothly by themselves. Afterwards, they visited a bike shop, along with a Congressman. However, a major concern came about afterwards. A place to sleep for the night. Originally, the team planned for this night to be their last time at a campground. None of them expected for heavy rain to come down! The hotel team, Olivia and Nikita, feverishly called all the nearby hotels that fit the teams budget. After a hour or so of hard work, they solemnly said that they were not met with any results. The team then pulled over somewhere on the side of the road to eat leftovers for dinner. At the end of dinner, the hotel team joyously proclaimed that they had found a hotel that was in budget for everyone to stay at! That was a close one!


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