Happy birthday Laila! This morning, we got to sleep in until 8:30! Everyone woke up well rested, and to the smell of crêpes being made downstairs by our rider (or is she a chef?) from France, Laurène! We ate breakfast, studied lectures, and did meditational exercises until it was time for lunch. After lunch, we left to go biking. The first team was joined by new supporting riders! Then later in the day, our faster teams went. We were invited to the house of one of our support team members, Jeremy and his family! We were very happy to be in the home of a friend. The boys and some girls wanted to go out to get haircuts, but we were surprised to hear that the hairstylist would come to the house and do it here instead! So, one after another, our boys got hair cuts and some girls also got trims. Everyone loved to see the transformations!


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