Senatorial Citation on behalf of State Senator Kenny Yuko To recognize Ride To Freedom

As a member of the Senate of the 131st General Assembly of the State of Ohio, I am pleased to pay tribute to the 30 dedicated young people who are undertaking a 3,000 mile cross country bicycle ride to raise awareness on the violations of human rights occurring in China. This “Ride to Freedom” is geared specifically towards the rescue of the young orphans of Falun Gong parents who were viciously murdered in the name of religious freedom.

These cyclists have come from 15 countries around the world and have committed to dedicating their summers to those who have been persecuted in China. This admirable mission demonstrates their commendable devotion to preserving the rights of all humans, regardless of where they live. After this ride, the names of these cyclists will become, if they are not already, synonymous with initiative, integrity, and service. Considering their trailblazing efforts, it will be no surprise that they will win a bost of admirers through their work. They have quite apparently demonstrated an unparalleled legacy of steadfast dedication and commitment in all that they do.

These individuals should have the satisfaction of knowing that they have set an example of service and achievement worthy of emulation. Diligent and painstaking in all their endeavors, they are using their talents to the benefit of the world around them, which is one of the most commendable and admirable things one can do. It would be remiss to not also acknowledge all of those people behind the scenes of this effort who made this ride possible. Everyone’s service and commitment to this effort has been paved with personal fortitude, sacrifice, and civic engagement and are all deserving of the highest praise.

Thus, with sincere pleasure, I commend these 30 individuals and everyone who has played a part in their efforts, as well as salute them as some of the finest people this world has to offer.

Kenny Yuko

State Senator

25th District